End Times

by Silence Equals Death



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Silence Equals Death was formed in 2011 after much success with the New Jersey hardcore mainstay In Search Of (Stillborn, Scorpion Records). The band consists of 5 dedicated musicians who have been active in the NJ/NY Hardcore & Punk scenes for over a decade. Members have toured internationally and their music is distributed worldwide. The creative talent that makes up Silence Equals Death include: Scott Earth on vocals, Fred Delacruz and Wade Culleny on guitars, Brett Holloway on bass and Ryan Bertone on drums.
In 2012 the band released the super tight 4 song Resurrection EP. They looked to produce something creative and unique, yet familiar to the roots of NJHC. Fusing the fast circle pit style of punk with the hard aggressiveness of New York Hardcore, the EP quickly gained the band notoriety around the tri-state area as well as worldwide via the internet.
“The songs are super catchy with some awesome sing-a-long parts and at the same time Silence Equals Death keeps things fresh by blending in slower, heavier parts.” –InEffectHardcore.com
Having members who are multi talented musicians as well as diverse in their musical interests, the band is able to keep the writing process fresh and innovative. Each member is actively involved in various projects across the scene. Lyrically the group finds it important to address social issues as well as using the platform to connect with listeners on a more personal level. On their much anticipated full length CD “End Times”, to be released on Eulogy Records, vocalist Scott Earth confronts deep personal issues such the loss of a loved one on the song Devotion and puts out a rallying cry of revolt on the songs End Times and Peacemaker. Common Ground celebrates the unity between the band and its fans while Hope screams of perseverance in the face of adversity.
The band has shared the stage with many notable acts such as: Leeway, Full Blown Chaos, Endwell, Ensign, Marauder, Shai Hulud, Antidote, Brick By Brick, All Out War, Crown of Thorns and many more.
Silence Equals Death has been brought together by their love and passion for the music they create and the continued search for a new outlet.

The name Silence Equals Death can be attributed to many causes. Our interpretation is similar to, if not exactly like the majority of them. As humans one of the most powerful things we can use is our voice. Uniting our voices to rally against an injustice can often be one of our most powerful weapons. Oppressors control media to spread propaganda and often make it a point to keep the masses uneducated and uninformed in order to maintain control. We feel every human voice should be heard, every opinion counts and injustice should be brought to light. A voice should only be silent upon breathing it's last breath.


released April 7, 2017



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Track Name: Peacemaker
We choose a side maintaining that we won't ever accept defeat I feel complete because I know we're alive unbroken stride and now we won't back down another round that I know will surly go my way they’ll be no peace today no peace for the ones who will block my way I won't back down or be betrayed we hold on to our strength we hold on and fight our way Incite the fear or riot you won't leave here alive we're listening we're listening we're listening to the lies you say no justice and no peace, no sense in listening you've had your say and we'll have our day
no justice no peace no justice no justice no peace without justice there's no peace
Track Name: Hope
Innocence keeps turning back my hateful heart The promise of tomorrow bring us hope We must go on Yet still I wander and I hope to see the light
I feel so blind, I'm taking back my sight Restart my life embrace Hope I want to celebrate me Look forward to what tomorrow brings No longer suffocating My chance to take control of my destiny No false hope No false dreams I will not fail, there's strength all around me Hope Not hopeless
Track Name: End Times
let darkness reign, while the sun begs to open I am not running away, I choose to feed the silence Further down suppress the pain, farther down will lead the spiral some bend some will break, until nothing remains like the sound of blazing sirens, Unleash the dogs the world is at our feet and the world, its set to explode the weak will rise, from oppression Undying Aggression in times, of suffering, our choice is to fight or die Fear the coming signs, shield yourself from reality This world is torn apart, accepting what’s becomes of me The weak will rise, from oppression Undying Aggression Igniting fires, these chains are broken Igniting fires no longer suffering We are on the rise, the silence is broken We are on the rise, the silence will end now
Track Name: Eaglesniper
in a world that we always call complacent I will strive to direct a further time for tomorrow we will set our sails to ocean never caring never breathing never paying for the stolen crime for my part I have my torn my chest wide open and all the cares I have given poured right out of me I'm competing with the stars embrace the moment I've completed all the trials now I'm breaking free Together we can embrace both sides we're breaking down but the stardust makes us right Reset Reveal Don’t Look Back shed the fight break away laws of power of will concede for another day
Track Name: Devotion
You’re trapped In a time worth forgetting, feeling your world fall apart All strength and determination No choice but to stay the course If you feel your slipping I WON'T LET YOU FALL If you feel your sinking, I won't let you FALL APART AS LONG as I'm around I WON'T LET YOU FALL in all your struggles Keep reaching and trying there's nothing but surviving From darkness you'll come alive No fate can decide what rules our mind, we must stand our ground In your life and all your struggles Just know I'll be there for you Keep reaching and trying there's nothing but surviving From darkness you'll come alive No fate can decide what rules our mind we must stand our ground
Track Name: Weakness
Weakness, another sign that we will contain Complacent in all the lies we tell ourselves We break into the pieces all shattered in our minds Deciding what convictions will compel us in our lives We keep Them all Blind Hide darkness to the outside world We keep them safe inside the light would be a travesty With hatred and corruption erosion's in our mind We can’t help but fall a victim to regression over time Can’t turn the urge away our primal instincts try We long for blood and fantasies as other people die We keep Them all Blind Hide darkness to the outside world We keep them safe inside the light would be a travesty Read the signs there’s nothing standing in our way Weakness dies the killings on its way
Track Name: Never Ending Story
Drain us of all that we have left of all that we have left inside Contain us Like shadows have left us grey beyond the dark is another way But it drains my life sold controlled then we’re left to die But I’m hoping the best is yet to come We bleed the disease inside a substitute we have been denied But I’m hoping the best is yet to come Betrayed by life and all the mother fuckers we’ve had to fight We bleed we try without a voice we’re always pushed aside And even though we’re always chasing our dreams reality is never what it seems Disappear like a fading sound or leave your print in the fucking ground Don’t fade away I choose to stay and fight In the end we all will die Take control of your fucking life
Track Name: Common Ground
this is in my heart no matter how hard I fight to defend no matter how much that we have to bleed refuse and resist everything we've gone through trials it makes us who we are we've been through struggles no forced sincerity there's nothing they can change withstanding anything your enemies are mine we fight and we prevail In all our times of struggle refuse to fail we're Family from the start It’s you I hold right in my heart we've gone through struggles it makes us who we are we stand together no false sincerity There's nothing we would change United together today Your enemies are mine we fight and we prevail In all our times of struggle refuse to fail
Track Name: Survival Of The Fittest
Rebuild Our Lives Reclaim Our time heed the signs or step aside or tomorrows second chances won’t be something you find Look inside weakness will continue to feed your insecurities now cause When societies ills become a suffocation it leads us towards our inhalation Complacency will drag us down while our inefficacy will make us fucking drown some try some die but will we continue to fight We rise unblind shed claims of our own demise The blind fools that will lie complacent Beginning their frustration their lives completely wasted Rebuild our lives Reclaim our time a second chance at a better life a second chance we must get it right we will fight we will fight to be the changes that’s within us all I feel we'll make the changes I feel our changes come alive We Will Rise
Track Name: Life Hurts More
we stand our trials till the end but the worlds crashing down the walls are closing in we're doomed without a say we long for yesterday we had to set our sights we had to choose our way beginning of our lives seem so different from the another day we're weakening from our fight and I'm breaking from inside who am I who are you search for something to help us through I wanna cry I want to scream is there anybody listening you find your strength it feels pretend the meaning of existence is conceding to a another end I would like to say it's all alright I would like to show you from my side we're pushing forward but at times it feels pretend and the meanings of our feelings so contrived and desperate we force a smile say it's ok so confused can we live for another day My Life and My Dream Consumed By Suffering Our lives Our Dreams Confused By Suffering